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Lakshya started developing expertise in multifarious construction work especially in dewatering and related activities to solve many difficult groundwater problems they experienced on their own construction contracts. It undertakes independent infrastructure, industrial, commercial and housing projects. In a supportive role it has developed a core expertise in earth work / movers, soil excavation, dewatering at sites and any other work relating to construction and infrastructure industry. Lakshya realized the need for a qualified, reliable dewatering contractor to serve the needs of the construction industry. Today, Lakshya Infrapromoters is one of the largest dewatering contractors in NCR and U.P, built completely on service oriented thinking. Lakshya offers the latest techniques, the highest quality of dewatering equipment, a highly skilled staff of construction dewatering.

Lakshya has developed a reputation with contractors and engineers for handling even the most difficult dewatering projects successfully, cost effectively and on schedule. Lakshya specializes in complete contract basis dewatering, taking the project from the initial evaluation to implementation and then removal. Lakshya also monitors and maintains the system throughout the operating period. Alternatively, Lakshya will design and install the system, then train your personnel to monitor and maintain the system.

To ensure that projects are completed on schedule Lakshya boasts a large inventory of dewatering equipment and support plant. Lakshya' very own customized hydraulic drills mounted on a "Caterpillar" track mounted hydraulic excavator. In addition to drills, Lakshya has a large inventory of cranes, track and rubber tire loaders, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, and equipment floats. All this assists Lakshya in mobilizing very quickly and handling any site condition.

Lakshya believes the key to successful dewatering is reliable and personalized service. Great care is taken to satisfy the contractor's specific needs, develop the proper system for the specific site conditions and maintaining a reliable operation until the project is complete.